Notice of call for proposals for 2021 Project Concept Notes

Notice of call for proposals for 2021 Project Concept Notes

The National Fund for Research and Innovation for Development (FONRID) as part of its support and funding missions for research, popularization, valuation and Innovation for development activities is launching a call for submissions concept note for projects.
The year 2018 saw the adoption of the 2019-2023 strategic plan of FONRID. This document was developed with the participation of stakeholders in the research and innovation environment and validated during a national workshop. The implementation of this tool from 2019 requires that the research and innovation projects to be funded are consistent with this strategic plan. The themes proposed for this call are taken from this bank of priority themes (strategic plan of FONRID and PRONAFER) defined and classified by specialists and actors in each field. For this third year of implementation of this strategic plan, a detailed look will be made on the research and development projects which should contribute to:

  • Maintain teaching staff and students from gold mining areas in classrooms;
  • Define a Burkinabè model of good governance;
  • Preserve / Restore ecosystems;
  • Mitigating the harmful effects of climate change on plant cover;
  • Value medicinal plants;
  • Improve sanitation systems;
  • Promote ICT in the dissemination of research results;
  • Improve the appropriation of research results by potential users;
  • Improve the dissemination and translation processes of research results;
  • Improve knowledge of the impacts of research results on socio-economic development;
  • Accelerate the involvement of women in governance and more generally in formal and public decision-making spheres.

This call for projects is aimed mainly at project leaders who propose to promote research and innovation with a view to improving the living conditions of the population.
These projects should make it possible to support the sectoral research and innovation policy (three-year rolling action plans 2020-2022 for the “Research and Innovation” sector).
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The Director General

Dr Hamidou H. TAMBOURA
Research Director
Officer of the Order of the Stallion

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