Development of a repository on soil quality to support agricultural productivity in Burkina Faso

State:Ongoing project


A significant amount of data on soils has been generated by the various actors(INERA, IDR, BUNASOLS, 2IE, CLOCK, PICOFA, CILSS, CIRAD, IFDC,…) for the last fifty years. However, these data have not yet been capitalized on a national level. To develop soil quality indicators and make recommendations for sustainable soil management taking into account agro-climatic zones, it is essential to process these data taking into account climatic parameters.

Anything that could make it possible to train specialists in the various fields of soil science and to strengthen the capacities of universities and research institutes.

The overall objective of the project is to provide actors in the agricultural sector and political decision-makers with a decision-making tool in terms of sustainable soil management to support agricultural production and training in Burkina Faso.

- the National Soil Office (BUNASOLS)
- the Institute of Rural Development (IDR)
- the Albert Schweizer Ecological Center (CLOCK)

Several beneficiaries are concerned by this project:
- actors and decision-makers in rural development;
- researchers and teacher-researchers in the field of soil science;
- students specializing in the various fields of soil science;
- international and regional communities (UNCCD, CILSS, TerrAfrica, NEPAD, etc.).

Dr Michel SEDOGO

Field of research

Institution leading the project

Project intervention area

the Center region (Ouagadougou, Kamboinsin station)

Project duration

36 month

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