Generation and dissemination of improved varieties of Voandzou adapted to agro-climatic conditions and improvement of knowledge on fabirama and ginger

State:Ongoing project


The project aims to disseminate across the agro-climatic zone the best combinations of varieties, cultivation and fertilization techniques that maximize the expression of the crop’s productivity potential.

Regarding fabirama and ginger is to increase knowledge about these two cultures. This will involve collecting ecotypes, carrying out diagnostic surveys on the cultivation, consumption and marketing system, characterizing and conserving accessions for short, medium and long term exploitation of their genetic resources.

The overall objective of the project is to develop and disseminate in a participatory manner technologies for improving the productivity of the voandzou and to improve the knowledge and productivity of the cultivation of fabirama and ginger.

- the University of Ouagadougou / UFR-SVT;
- producer organizations.

- producers of voandzou, fabirama, ginger;
- consumers;
- traders.


Field of research

Institution leading the project

Project intervention area

the East and Center-South regions (Noberé)

Project duration

36 month

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