Popularization of improved stoves with professional processors of agrifood products

State:Project Completed


This project aims to promote the results of research carried out on the development of improved stoves intended for professional processors. Two target groups are targeted by this project, on the one hand, producers of shea butter and producers of millet beer (Dolo).

It is therefore a question of creating an environment favorable to the massive dissemination of these outbreaks. For the dolo sector, the project plans to create an alternative to butane gas by replacing it with biogas through research and development action on a real site.At the end of the project, an autonomous network well equipped on the technical and organizational level should exist for the commercial distribution of stoves, the use of which improves the economics of the targeted processing activities.

The overall objective of the project is to improve the economy of the national agrifood processing sector by setting up efficient improved stoves and contributing at the national level to the establishment of a sustainable energy system.

- “Improved Stoves in Faso” project (FAFASO)
- “Ouidtenga Malting Unit” project (UMAO)

- processors of the shea butter sector and the Dolo sector;
- women's associations, private companies and traditional brewing units in the dolo field.

Dr. Oumar SANOGO

Field of research

Institution leading the project

Project intervention area

The Center region (Village of Oudtenga and district 4 Tanghin)

Project duration

36 month

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