Valorization of local mineral raw materials for the development and manufacture of refractory materials

State:Ongoing project


Mineral raw materials taken from different sites in Burkina Faso were prepared and then analyzed in terms of quantitative and mineralogical chemical composition, thermal behavior (ETC, ATG, dilatometry). From the formulations defined by mixtures of these materials, the ceramic process was used to develop different dense shaped refractory materials of the silica-alumina system (fired bricks, refractory bricks, crucibles for the metallurgy of non-ferrous metals). This project aims to optimize the properties of these materials by comparing their dimensional stability and resistance to thermal shock and acid attack with those of commercial products currently used in different industries.

The overall objective of the project is to design and manufacture refractory materials from local mineral raw materials.

- ENSCI of the University of Limoges
- CRISMAT of the University of Caen
- SERCIM in Bobo-Dioulasso
- Burkina Mining Company SA

The outcome of this project can find different beneficiaries:
- mining industry;
- the producer ;
- the potters.

Prof. Boubié GUEL

Field of research

Institution leading the project

Project intervention area

the central region

Project duration

36 month

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