organizational chart

organizational chart

Organization chart of FONRID

  • Professor Frédéric OUATTARA

    Professor Frédéric OUATTARA

    Minister of Higher Education, Pr
    • Pr Touridomon Issa SOME

      Pr Touridomon Issa SOME

      General secretary
      • M. Ollo Gislain SIB

        M. Ollo Gislain SIB

        Chairman of the Board of Directors
        • Dr Maxime COMPAORE

          Dr Maxime COMPAORE

          Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Committee
          • Dr Hamidou H. TAMBOURA

            Dr Hamidou H. TAMBOURA

            Director General of FONRID
            • Dr Inoussa ZONGO

              Dr Inoussa ZONGO

              Director of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects and Programs
            • Dr Ali DOUMOUNIA

              Dr Ali DOUMOUNIA

              Director of Resource Mobilization
            • M. Ladoili MOUSSA

              M. Ladoili MOUSSA

              Director of Finance and Accounting
            • M. Yalgado Hubert SAVADOGO

              M. Yalgado Hubert SAVADOGO

              Communication director
            • M. Wendpanga Laurent SAWADOGO

              M. Wendpanga Laurent SAWADOGO

              Human Resources Director
            • M. Boubacar ZINA

              M. Boubacar ZINA

              Person Responsible for Markets
            • M. Hamado OUEDRAOGO

              M. Hamado OUEDRAOGO

              Management control